Now with a tab in your hands, a screen before you, and internet data, you're set to amass unlimited knowledge, learn new skills, and access golden opportunities – a major perk of liberalization that comes with technology.

Educational technology (or Edtech) is redefining moments. In a world where access to education is a challenge, the rising cost a barrier, and difficult to raise resources; a press and play form of learning is removing boundaries.

In India, over 40 million persons are currently out of job. Beyond being an economic challenge, homes and families tied to these persons find living tumultuous. Something is changing this narrative – it is Edtech.

With the massive adoption of the internet, technologies, and learning resources and integration into accessible formats, Edtech startups are widening access to skills, knowledge, mentorship, and networking to create sustainable jobs in India. As per Coursera's analysis, 18% of Indian job seekers aim to be software engineers, 15% data scientists, and 6% data analysts.

These aspirations are well captured in Edtech platforms catering to the learning of the 580 million Indians between 5-24 years of age, of whom 250 million are currently enrolled in schools. An Edtech startup that focuses on higher education in India, Sunstone raised $35 million in funding to add newer segments to its offerings and advance its technology programmes for undergraduates.

The rapid scaling of Edtechs in India, and expanding it to remote communities with resources for school-aged children and job-seeking youths will shape the future of learning and inform lasting impacts and sustainable developments.

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Cheers to learning that leaves no one behind!

- Juwon

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