Meta-owned social media platform, Facebook, has reached 2 billion daily users in the last quarter of 2022 even as Meta's revenue shrunk in the year, the company confirmed in its financial report for Q4 2022.

Facebook is now the second Meta-owned platform to reach 2 billion daily users after WhatsApp crossed the 2 billion DAUs mark in the third quarter of 2022. After almost 20 years since it went live, it shows that the companyโ€™s biggest source of ad revenue is still growing, even while Meta has made significant cuts to its business in recent months.

The Techloy chart below shows a steady climb in the daily active user number since the fourth quarter of 2020, only slightly slowing down in Q1 2022, but picking up stronger in the following quarter to peak at 2 billion users in Q4 2022.

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