Indian health tech veterans Abhijit Gupta and Ram Sahasranam, who previously sold their health app maker Praxify to Athenahealth, have embarked on a new mission to revolutionize healthcare through value-based care.

During their previous experiences in the health tech space, they recognized barriers to the adoption of value-based care, such as insufficient tech infrastructure and the challenges faced by primary care physicians.

To alleviate these challenges, they founded Fold Health in 2021, a specialized platform designed to support value-based primary care. Fold Health offers a comprehensive solution that integrates with electronic health records and provides modular tools to automate tasks.

Key features of the platform include a workflow engine that automates tasks for value-based providers, a care team enablement suite that gathers all patient data, task management, omnichannel communications and scheduling to coordinate care teams and a patient-enablement suite that facilitates communication between patients and their care teams.

In its latest venture, Fold Health has raised $6 million from Iron Pillar and global angel investors, bringing its total funding to $12 million.

With the funds, Fold Health plans to further develop its platform, with a focus on primary care consumers and reducing administrative inefficiencies. By continuously adding new features and enhancements, the company aims to support the transition to value-based care and improve the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients.

The health tech startup has offices in Pune, India, and San Francisco, USA, Fold Health and serves thousands of patients on its platform.