Much recently in India, there's been a concerning trend of several decently funded startups that have either shut down or are on the verge of closure.

In the case of FrontRow, an Indian non-academic upskilling startup, it has reportedly shut down its operations after struggling to find a product-market fit despite significant funding. This development comes months after the company laid off 90% of its staff last year.

FrontRow's founder, Inshaan Preet Singh, confirmed the shutdown and revealed that the company would be returning approximately $2.5 million to its investors, which include Lightspeed, EightRoads, and Elevation, among others. Over two funding rounds, FrontRow had raised over $17 million.

The Bengaluru-based company’s backers including Lightspeed Venture Partners had announced last month that they were in talks with potential acquirers for the company. It would seem in the absence of a successful deal, the company made the decision to cease its operations.

In related news, Mojocare, a health tech startup backed by Sequoia and B Capital, is facing a potential shutdown due to a lack of viable sell-out options, despite raising $20 million in funding. Similarly, crypto startup Pillow recently wound up its operations in India, having raised over $20 million from investors such as Accel, Quona Capital, and Elevation Capital.

These cases highlight the challenges faced by some startups in achieving sustainable growth and market fit, even with substantial funding support.