GitHub, a Microsoft-owned popular developer platform, has reportedly laid off virtually its entire engineering team in India as it looks to cut its expenses amid the deteriorating global market conditions.

GitHub notified affected employees about the layoffs on Tuesday morning.

This follows an earlier report by Techloy, noting GitHub's announcement to cut roughly 10% of its workforce by the quarter ending in March.

GitHub is cutting 10% of its workforce
GitHub, the software development and version control service provider that is owned by Microsoft, has announced plans to cut 10% of its workforce and move the rest of its employees to remote work in an effort to secure its financial stability. In an email to employees, CEO Thomas Dohmke explained

According to a source with knowledge of the matter, the cut by the developer firm in the South Asian market affected over 100 jobs. In response to the layoffs, a GitHub spokesperson told TechCrunch that the workforce reduction is part of the company's streamlining efforts that were announced in February.

The spokesperson explained that the decision was a difficult but necessary one, and it was made to protect the company's short-term business health and provide it with the capacity to invest in long-term strategies moving forward.

Although it is hard to predict how the layoffs will specifically impact the operations at GitHub since most of the affected employees were in the engineering team, it is possible that the company's engineering operations could be impacted in the short term. With fewer employees, GitHub may need to adjust its priorities and allocate resources differently to ensure that it can continue to meet its business goals.