Google has taken a significant step towards promoting digital skills, employability, and business expansion by unveiling a plan to train 20,000 Nigerian women and youth in digital proficiencies.

Facilitated by a grant from Google's philanthropic arm in collaboration with Data Science Nigeria and the Creative Industry Initiative for Africa, the initiative seeks to align with the Nigerian government's commitment to augment the engagement of young individuals in the digital economy.

The goal? To combat youth unemployment in Nigeria while equipping participants with the requisite digital skills to excel in the future job landscape. Notably, the big tech already operates a "Grow with Google in Africa" initiative that has collaborated with several governments and industry experts across Africa to support people with digital upskilling for their careers and businesses.

The program encompasses training in different career and business qualifications, including AI, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing among others. So far it has helped to train millions of people across the continent, to develop tools tailored to the needs of local communities.

Additionally, the tech giant will extend a grant of ₦1.2 billion NGN (equivalent to $1.6 million USD) to support the Nigerian government in generating one million digital employment opportunities within the country.