If you are a Google Ads user, you'd now have to worry less about the placement of your ads, thanks to the introduction of Google's new AI-powered features.

With over 246 million unique visitors per month, and the ability to reach 80% of internet users through its Display Network on a daily basis, the introduction of two of these two AI-powered features is set to position brands to reach an even greater audience as advertisers sit back and let technology do the work.

And while Google has already introduced AI tools for advertisers in the past, the tech giant is taking things to the next level by leveraging this advanced technology to help brands accomplish more specific targets with their ads.

The first tool called Demand Gen, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to find the perfect photo and video ad placements across Google's vast array of services including Gmail, the YouTube feed, and Shorts.

Google doesn't stop there, the second tool focuses on video ads, aiming to maximize their views and drive exceptional results. By employing AI algorithms, Google's system identifies the best ad placements that guarantee optimal visibility and audience reach.

Early testing of these features has already demonstrated an impressive 40% increase in video views for brands utilizing this tool.

By handling the nitty-gritty details of ad placement, Google empowers advertisers, allowing them to spend less time contemplating where their ads should go, and instead, focus on what truly matters – shaping remarkable marketing strategies and weaving captivating brand stories.