Google Stadia, now defunct, had significantly fewer active users than most other cloud gaming services, according to new statistics shared by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

While Google has remained silent about how many users Stadia had, these new statistics by the CMA reveal that Google’s streaming option failed to make a sizeable dent in the market.

According to the report, in 2021, Google Stadia's market share maintain somewhere between 5-10% of the cloud gaming market but dropped to between 0-5% in 2022. The report added that the 2022 statistics for Google Stadia only represent from January to July, which means the drop in market share was not caused by the announcement of Stadia’s shutdown.

Cloud gaming market share, 2021

PlayStation – Cloud30-40
Google Stadia5-10

Cloud gaming market share, 2022

PlayStation Cloud Gaming10-20
Google Stadia0-5
Amazon Luna0-5

Looking at the broader cloud gaming market, in 2021, Sony’s cloud streaming service — at the time called PlayStation Now — was the market leader, garnering between 30-40% of monthly players, but fell to 10-20% in 2022.

In a similar shift to PlayStation, Nvidia GeForce Now dropped from a strong 20-30% share down to 10-20%. Meanwhile, xCloud monthly players grew year-on-year while Amazon Luna had about the same number of active users in 2022 as Google Stadia.