Heads up: You might lose valuable content in your Gmail soon if you don't act now.

That's because Google will begin account deletions and virtual purges on Gmail accounts that have remained inactive for a period of two years, starting in December 2023. The goal? To bolster security measures and mitigate potential threats.

According to the company's updated policy, personal accounts that have not been utilized and have been collecting digital dust for a minimum of two years will be subject to deletion, along with any associated content stored across Google's extensive suite of services.

The digital spring cleaning will target personal Google Accounts, including widely used services such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos. But the policy revision does not encompass organizational accounts tied to educational institutions, businesses, or other entities.

Before now, Google had only focused on disposing of content within inactive accounts, leaving the accounts themselves untouched. With its updated policy, accounts that have been snoozing for two years straight would be sent to a digital guillotine.