Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies has announced that it is replacing internal software management systems previously sourced from U.S. vendors with its own in-house version, called 'MetaERP', per a Reuters report.

The telecom gear maker, which can’t use American technology without a license, has developed its own enterprise software named the 'meta-ERP' system. It is a cloud-native product that uses Huawei's cloud-computing systems for greater efficiency than traditional ERP products, able to process 15 million lines of accounting entries daily.

U.S. plans to ban Huawei and ZTE equipment sales in the country citing security concerns
The Federal Communications Commission plans to ban all sales of new Huawei and ZTE telecommunications devices and video surveillance equipment in the U.S., due to national security concerns, according to Axios, citing sources with direct knowledge of the matter. The move is in response to warnings…

The Chinese tech company has reportedly implemented the new system across 80% of its business, providing a potential new business line for the company. This move marks a significant victory over the US, which had previously imposed several rounds of trade sanctions and blacklisting over alleged security concerns.

The sanctions severely affected Huawei's ability to source items made with U.S. technology and cut off access to servicing and patches for ERP tools it primarily purchased from Oracle Corp, threatening its survival. It is also viewed as a strategic decision by Huawei to reduce its dependence on U.S. vendors and enhance its technological capabilities.