In today's fast-paced and competitive landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve, drive innovation, and create value from unprecedented opportunities. However, the traditional approaches to digital transformation often fall short, leading to stagnation and missed chances for growth.

Recognizing this challenge, Indian-based information technology and consulting company, Infosys has launched Topaz, an AI-first set of services, solutions, and platforms designed to harness the power of generative AI technologies. The aim is to empower individuals, enterprises, and communities to create efficiencies across their enterprises using AI technology.

According to the press release announcing the launch, Topaz leverages Infosys applied AI framework to build an AI-first core that empowers people to deliver cognitive solutions that accelerate value-creation. It converges the power of Infosys Cobalt cloud, and data analytics to AI-power business, delivering cognitive solutions and intuitive experiences that help business growth.

It also noted that it democratizes data and intelligence, ensuring that more participants in the connected ecosystem can benefit from disruptive business models, AI-led products, services, and new revenue streams.

With over 50,000 reusable intelligent services deployed across over 20,000 operations, Infosys says its employees are empowered to deliver their best work and reach new heights of success.