In a bold move to enhance regional connectivity, Israel has unveiled plans to construct a remarkable 254-kilometre (158-mile) fibre-optic cable spanning from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea.

The project, announced by the country's Finance Ministry, will establish an uninterrupted link between Europe and countries in the Gulf and Asia, fostering communication and collaboration between the two continents.

The ambitious undertaking will see state-owned energy group Europe Asia Pipeline Company (EAPC) lead the building of the fibre-optic cable along the existing route of its oil pipeline, stretching across Israel from the bustling Mediterranean port of Ashkelon to the enchanting city of Eilat on the northern Red Sea.

The fibre-optic cable will hook seamlessly with existing subsea cables that reach Israel's shores, ensuring optimal connectivity and will be accessible to any licensed telecom company operating in Israel under a 25-year lease agreement, opening up new possibilities for collaboration and innovation.

As the plans for this transformative project take shape, Israel solidifies its commitment to fostering regional cooperation and connectivity. By establishing a robust fibre-optic network linking Europe, the Gulf, and Asia, the country sets the stage for enhanced collaboration, knowledge exchange, and economic growth.