Every organisation has business secrets that give them an edge in the market. Most times, how these secrets are managed can largely determine their success or failure in the market. Entro Security, an Israel-based startup has announced a $6 million seed funding round to manage and protect enterprise secrets.

Entro was co-founded by Itzik Alvas (CEO) and Adam Cheriki (CTO), both with extensive security backgrounds. The company aims to address the challenge of managing thousands of secrets across various services in today's enterprises, where the context of their usage is often unknown. While tools exist to prevent secret leaks, they lack the necessary context.

The platform targets CISOs and security teams, offering insights into how secrets are stored and correlating them to workloads. It integrates with existing vaults, CI/CD systems, and collaboration tools, providing a unified dashboard for identifying and remediating potential risks. Entro's end-to-end monitoring solution differentiates it from other tools, enabling prioritization of security issues based on context.

The round was led by StageOne Ventures and Hyperwise Ventures. Several angel investors, including founders from Trusteer, Transmit Security, and Imperva, also participated in the round.