The Italian data protection watchdog has announced that OpenAI's ChatGPT can resume operating in the country if the Microsoft-backed company takes 'useful steps'.

Recall that in late March, the Italian data agency temporarily banned ChatGPT and launched an investigation into a suspected breach of privacy rules, becoming the first Western European country to do so.

The regulators had last week laid out a set of specific demands to be met by OpenAI by April 30 including the AI company informing users of "the methods and logic" behind the processing of data necessary for ChatGPT to operate.

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In a more recent interview on Tuesday per Reuters, the watchdog's chief, Pasquale Stanzione, stated that the chatbot could potentially be allowed to return at the end of April, as long as OpenAI takes "useful steps" to address the agency's concerns.

It would seem that the Italian authorities are maintaining their position over the terms of its suspension, which could have a notable impact on the broader adoption of AI in Italy.

The Italian case highlights the growing concern among regulators and lawmakers worldwide over the use of advanced artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT. Very recently, EU lawmakers urged world leaders to hold a summit to discuss how to regulate these systems, which they feel are evolving faster than anticipated. Other countries like Germany are also poised to follow Italy's lead and block ChatGPT.