Krenovator, the AI tech talent and placement platform, has announced the launch of Abraham, an AI Coding Assistant, on its digital Tech Talent Platform.

The new tool provides users with real-time feedback and suggestions, helping them improve their coding skills more efficiently and effectively. It also enables users to create new software at a much faster rate than conventional methods. The intelligent coding assistant is available for users at no charge.

Abraham's main capabilities include assisting users in completing unfinished code and detecting syntax or semantic errors in a code.

The tool supports full-stack programming, covering 17 popular programming languages and frameworks, including frontend, backend, database, API, Angular, DevOps, Flutter, .NET, PHP, Python, Java, and JavaScript. Krenovator plans to expand the list in the future.

Krenovator's Tech Talent Platform offers free coding and training modules developed by the Company. It has recently partnered with Coursera to allow users to obtain a certification.

The platform has over 3,000 tech talents from Malaysia and Indonesia combined. Krenovator plans to introduce an enterprise version of the AI coding assistant in the future.