LinkedIn has introduced a suite of new verification features aimed at preventing hackers and online scams by enabling its members to verify their identities on the platform, according to Oscar Rodriguez, the company's VP of Product Management.

These new verification features are designed to increase the confidence of both members and organizations in their collaborations on the platform, ensuring that their connections are genuine and that the information provided on their profiles is accurate.

The professional networking platform partnered with CLEAR, a secure identity platform, to enable its US-based members to confirm their LinkedIn profile using their US government-issued ID and U.S. phone number. Unfortunately, this feature is currently limited to U.S. users, as CLEAR is a US-centric service.

Additionally, the platform introduced an email verification system that will allow employees to verify their workplace using their company-issued email addresses. According to the company, the feature is already available to 50 million members globally on LinkedIn and 4000 companies but it plans to roll it out to more companies soon.

Another feature will allow LinkedIn members to verify their employer through Verified ID credentials from Microsoft Entra. Employees will be issued digital workplace IDs for free, enabling them to confirm their employer on their LinkedIn profile. This will be available to over 2 million LinkedIn members by the end of April.

According to LinkedIn, all three features are free for LinkedIn members, and the verification details will be visible on their profile once enabled. Although not all users will have access to these features immediately, the company plans to expand their availability in due course.

Source: Oscar Rodriguez / LinkedIn