Imagine a world where your car becomes more than just a means of transport, a companion that engages in conversations with you.

Well, Mercedes-Benz will now allow drivers to engage with ChatGPT, the cutting-edge chatbot technology developed by OpenAI, directly from behind the wheel effectively changing the way drivers interact with its cars, per a report from Reuters.

This could be one of the first instances of using chatbot technology in automobiles and could potentially revolutionize the future of motor transport.

While Mercedes-Benz had previously allowed voice commands like seat heating prompts, this new integration will allow drivers to input more advance conversational-styled prompts like making restaurant reservations, booking movie tickets and carrying out other tasks from behind the wheel.

The feature will be compatible with some 900,000 of its vehicles that have the automaker's "MBUX" systems, allowing ChatGPT download over the air after drivers opt-in via a Mercedes app or by voice command. The test program started on June 16 for its U.S. drivers and is expected to span for 3 months during which Mercedes will collect data on how drivers use the technology.

Microsoft plays a significant role in this partnership, as it is providing a version of ChatGPT through its cloud platform. This collaboration allows Microsoft to compete with Amazon's Alexa, which has been widely adopted in the automotive industry.