Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is reportedly developing a decentralized, text-based app as part of its ongoing efforts to diversify its offerings – a move that could be in direct competition with Twitter.

The social media giant has confirmed the app, codenamed P92, which is currently in development, but details about its release have not been disclosed. The new app is intended to offer a "separate space" for creators and public figures to share timely updates about their interests, according to a Meta spokesperson.

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Reports suggest that the app will enable users to log in using their Instagram credentials, a move that could be controversial as it would require users to share their data with another Meta app. However, the company is said to be working with its legal department to address any privacy concerns before the app goes public.

The P92 app is expected to support the ActivityPub protocol, which could enable it to connect with other instances, such as Mastodon. Meta's move into decentralized apps is viewed as an attempt to build a Twitter alternative or a Mastodon competitor.

However, the company has had mixed success with launching new apps, and some critics have suggested that the new decentralized experience could be short-lived.