MFS Africa, the largest payment gateway in Africa, has partnered with Western Union to allow individuals and businesses across the continent to receive money from over 200 countries and territories.

In a statement shared with Techloy, MFS Africa disclosed that the service will first launch in Madagascar, with plans to expand to other countries across Africa. Funds can be sent from countries around the world to mobile wallets across Africa through the organization's licensed payment rails.

MFS Africa's full-service digital payments network connects over 400 million mobile money wallets, over 200 million bank accounts across Africa, and over 200,000 agents in Nigeria, to enable cross-platform and cross-border payments for remittance companies, mobile network operators, banks, non-bank financial institutions, and global merchants.

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MFS Africa's direct relationships with mobile wallet players, banks, cash pick-up networks, and regulators on the continent will enable them to provide a preferred, better, and one-stop solution for payments into and within Africa.

Western Union, which aims to be the global leader in providing accessible financial services, is committed to advancing cross-border money movement solutions for people in Africa, their communities, and the broader economy.

It is expected that the partnership between MFS Africa and Western Union will foster better integration between Africa and the rest of the world and will go a long way in supporting financial inclusion across the continent.