Can you guess where India is on the map at the moment?

The moon.

From leading major tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and IBM, to making giant strides in space technology, the Asian country of over 1.4 billion people has got the world's attention.

This week, India joined the United States, the Soviet Union (now Russia), and China as the fourth country in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon – doing so near the south pole of the moon, making it the first country to achieve this feat.

But what is more interesting is the fact that India spent 6.15 billion rupees (about $75 million) on the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft πŸ›°οΈ moon mission. To put this into perspective, the cost is less than the cost of making major blockbuster space films.

India appears to be winning.

But, there are a lot of things that $75 million can buy or fix in the country which has a significant number of people still living in poverty. That's another story for another day.

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To the moon 🌝

– Loy

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