Did you know that some companies are allowing their employees to work during vacations?

This week (end)'s edition of The Draft – curated by Emmanuel and edited by Loy – highlights the post-pandemic work models that are becoming the new normal.

We all know that work-life balance matters.

Post-pandemic, remote work and hybrid models are becoming the new normal, as most companies have introduced a flexible work model in their policies, making remote working and hybrid working a thing.

Here at Techloy, we have a remote work policy that provides eligible employees with an opportunity to execute their jobs from any location in the world.

But did you know that some companies are allowing their employees to work during vacations? Yeah, it is now a growing trend called: workation.

Recently, more than 7,000 people across seven major economies – China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States – were surveyed by Simon Kucher & Partners, in a study that reveals just how the remote working paradigm is paving the way for employees to take their laptop to a warm holiday destination with a stable internet connection.

The result was that nearly 80% of the respondents suggested they’d add a couple of weeks of workation to their holiday – led by 70% of Chinese respondents, around 40% in Germany and the Netherlands, and roughly 30% in the UK.

But will workations become very popular in the coming years? Is your organisation offering it as a work perk? Would you be happy to work during your vacation?

In this week's edition of The Draft, our lead story features a Polish startup that offers a 'workation' as a new job perk, alongside other top stories, deals, and charts across emerging markets and the rest of the world.

To work-life balance πŸͺ‚

– Loy

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