OpenAI creator company of the chatbot, ChatGPT, has announced ChatGPT plus, a subscription plan for the generative AI service at $20/month.

According to the report made available to Techloy, subscribed users to the ChatGPTplus service will have continued access to the chatbot even during peak times – when it is usually inaccessible for some users. They'd also enjoy a "faster response time" and "priority access to new features and improvements."

ChatGPT has reportedly reached 100 million monthly active users
Just two months after its launch, OpenAI’s viral AI language model, ChatGPT, has been estimated to reach 100 million monthly active users in January, according to a UBS report on Wednesday. The report, citing data from analytics firm Similarweb, said an average of about 13 million unique visitors h…

This is a reduction from the company's initial plan to launch the Plus version at $42 per month, making it accessible and affordable to a broader range of people including students.

The company noted that free access to ChatGPT will still be available to unpaid users, adding that the paid plan will be able to help support free access to as many people as possible.

The service is set to first be available to customers in the United States, thereafter the AI company plans to expand access and support to additional countries and regions soon. ChatGPT says it will begin inviting people from its waitlist over the coming weeks.