You can now download the ChatGPT app from the Apple App Store like any other app and continue your web app experience. Sorry, Android users – you would have to wait a bit for it to become available on Google Play.

After launching the free iOS app initially in the U.S., OpenAI announced last week that it has expanded it to 11 more countries, including Albania, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, and the UK. Last Thursday, it added more than 30 countries and this week, the company made the ChatGPT iOS app available to 152 countries and regions.

For ChatGPT Plus subscribers, you will be able to access the impressive GPT-4 capabilities right from the mobile app, with the added bonus of faster response times.

As OpenAI continues its efforts to make AI-powered conversation accessible to a global audience, it still doesn't have an official app on the Android play store, the operating system with the largest market share in the world with 37.67% of smartphone users, while iOS boasts a 17.49% market share, as of April 2023, according to data from StatCounter.

OpenAI didn't say when an Android app of ChatGPT would be launched but has promised that it is “coming soon.”