With the integration of digital technologies, pharmacies are revolutionizing the way healthcare services are delivered, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

As digital transformation of various industries has become a necessity for survival and growth, the leading financial services enabler, Paymob has forged a partnership with Chefaa, Egypt’s GPS-enabled digital pharmacy marketplace, to power the digital transformation of pharmaceutical payments in Egypt.

Founded in 2015 by Islam Shawky, Paymob is an Egypt-based payments facilitator in the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan region. Its omnichannel gateway offers more than 40 payment methods and empowers over 200,000 SME merchants to manage and scale their businesses. Chefaa, on the other hand, is a GPS-enabled healthcare benefits platform designed to assist customers and chronic patients in managing their medication needs.

By enabling quick and secure online card payments as well as point-of-sale (POS) payments upon delivery, the partnership between the two venture-funded firms will digitise the payment process for pharmaceuticals. Through Paymob's gateway, Chefaa customers can also use several BNPL payment options, which lessens the financial stress of upfront payments for pharmaceutical and healthcare products. 

Smaller pharmacies will be able to reach a larger consumer base and boost sales thanks to the Paymob-Chefaa partnership, which will accelerate the adoption of digital payments in the health sector and drive online orders. The collaboration also makes prescribing easier for chronic patients who need reoccurring refills.​