London-based digital money transfer provider, SimbaPay has launched an AI-powered chatbot service which will make it possible for international money transfer remittances to be made via SMS for its customers across Africa and Europe.

The chatbot, which was launched in partnership with Interswitch, will allow users to send money to a recipient’s phone number without requesting for the recipient’s bank account or mobile money details with just an SMS, even without Internet access.

Upon receipt of the money transfer notification, recipients can chose whether to get their cash delivered to their Mobile Money wallet such as m-Pesa, MTN Money or Airtel Money or directly to their bank account.

The chatbot which is also available as a 24/7 instant customer service channel on SimbaPay’s social media channels including Facebook will cater to customer enquiries from exchange rate queries to coverage enquiries.

SimbaPay is a Techstars alumni, being one of the 10 companies to join the first ever Barclays Accelerator in Africa.