As more businesses transition to remote and hybrid work setups worldwide, the sheer volume of workplace communication has become apparent to many and the challenge of keeping up with numerous messages and threads in their collaboration tools can easily become overwhelming.

In response to this challenge, Slack, a widely used online collaboration platform, is embracing the trend of artificial intelligence (AI) integration into its service.

With it, the company which boasts over 20 million users, according to Statista plans to provide users with simpler and more efficient tools that will offer time-saving advantages and enhance overall workplace productivity.

The AI integration will feature the capability to summarise communication channels in Slack, making it easier for users to quickly understand the most important information, especially after returning from vacations or time away. This AI feature also extends its capabilities to message threads, ensuring that crucial messages don't go unnoticed.

But Slack's AI doesn't stop at summaries; it also assists users in finding specific information buried within their messages. Users can ask questions, and the AI assistant will retrieve relevant data from messages, channels, and files, creating a convenient summary for quick reference.

The AI features are set to undergo pilot testing in the coming months, and interested customers can sign up for the pilot on Slack's website. As for pricing, Slack plans to share those details closer to the official launch and is eager to gather feedback from pilot participants to shape the pricing structure.