U.S-based, Strike, a digital payments platform based on Bitcoin's Lightning Network, has announced the launch of its "Send Globally" feature, which allows for instant and low-cost payments to Africa.

The feature is available to all Strike users in the United States, with initial coverage for Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

Strike has partnered with African payments platform Bitnob to enable instant payments to Africa, using Lightning technology to provide a cheaper, faster, and more innovative way for users in the U.S. to send payments to Africa.

Using 'Send Globally', a Strike user can send money to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya instantly with no transaction fees. Payments are instantly converted into naira, cedi, or shillings, and deposited directly into a recipient’s bank, mobile money, or Bitnob account.

Send Globally improves the speed, affordability, and ease of payments to Africa, including in countries that have fewer available options for cross-border money transfers.

Strike plans to expand payment services to Africa through integrations and partnerships, including with Chipper Cash, one of Africa's largest peer-to-peer and cross-border payment service providers.