‌‌In a bid to help bubble up early-stage startups and founders in the ecosystem sector, Nigeria-based tech-enabled builder TechCircle has announced the 3rd edition of its flagship startup competition, PITCH2WIN.

In the past, the firm has invested over $200 million in African startups such as Reliance Health, Paystack and Gokada among others. Therefore, this year's edition will not be an exception as it will enable interesting startups to compete to win a prize – $10,000 in raw cash.‌‌

As with earlier iterations, Hiro Mashita, a Japanese investor, and other Japanese investment firms are looking for intriguing startups and are interested in the tech sector.

In this year's edition, the firm plans to expand the competition as there will be a special consideration for Web3 startups with a spice-up event featuring keynote speeches and panel sessions. Additionally, there will be at minimum 20 active early-stage investors and funds present.

Aside from the investing, the Japanese partners also aim to facilitate the exchange of technology and market entry between the African ecosystem and that of Japan and the wider Asia region.