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The Latest Product Releases from the Apple iPad Event
Photo by Daniel Romero / Unsplash

The Latest Product Releases from the Apple iPad Event

Check out all the latest product releases at the Apple iPad Event from the all-new M4 chip to the new magic keyboard.

Henry Chikwem profile image
by Henry Chikwem

The Apple iPad event, which took place on Tuesday, May 7th, was memorable as we got introduced to a set of product releases showcasing Apple's innovative insights and growth in the tech space.

The event was also a major win for the Apple iPad series as they were unveiled with new features. This would be the latest iPad upgrade since 2021 as Apple has been diverting more attention to its iPhone and Mac devices.

Apple’s iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 Beta Versions — everything you need to know
The updates come with new user-facing features and enhancements and hints at Apple’s ongoing efforts to refine and expand its ecosystem.

Here is everything that Apple unveiled:

All-New M4 Chip

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

First, we were introduced to the all-new M4 chip, which would debut inside the new iPad Pro. According to Apple, it offers more power efficiency and speed than its predecessors thanks to its three-nanometer process and its highly improved performance and efficiency cores.

The M4 chip also features ray tracing, mesh shading, and dynamic caching, similar to what you would find on the M3 chip, and will most likely be present in the next generation of MacBooks.

OLED iPad Pro

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

The OLED iPad Pro is something many may not have looked forward to seeing because it wasn't all that impressive when it was released with an M1 chip in 2021.

However, Apple surprised us by adding notable upgrades, such as new size options (11-inch and 13-inch), OLED panels for peak brightness, a 12-megapixel camera, and a new adaptive True Tone flash for improved document scanning.

Bigger iPad Air with M2 Chip

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

Interestingly, the iPad Air only had some minor adjustments. First, Apple decided to increase its size, allowing you to choose between an 11-inch and a 13-inch screen. This way, you don't have to shell out money for the Pro version if you need a bigger screen without the other features.

Secondly, Apple introduced an M2 chip, an upgrade from the previous versions with M1 chips, which now makes the new iPad Air 50% faster and three times faster than other iPad Air products with A12 bionic chips.

INFOGRAPHIC: Apple Silicon M3 Chip vs M2 Chip
The M3 chip is the latest and most advanced computer chip in the Apple ecosystem unveiled by Apple in its latest M3 processors during the Scary Fast event on 30 October 2023, which will power the future Macs. Like the preceding M series chips, the M3 chips come in three
Note: Despite the new iPad features, Apple failed to include a calculator app. However, we expect this feature to premiere at its forthcoming annual developer conference, WWDC, on June 10.

New Apple Pencil Pro

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

Now to my favorite product release, the Apple Pencil Pro. At first glance, it might look exactly like its predecessor, but it has a few impressive features that demand attention.

It has a new barrel sensor that you can squeeze to bring up a new tool panel (similar to how you pinch your AirPods to pause and play music), and it is now more responsive thanks to its new haptic feature.

You can also roll the Apple Pencil Pro to control the selected brush or editing tool, which gives you more depth to art or 3D models and allows you to take full control of your work.

Apple Pencil USB-C Model vs Apple Pencil 2nd-Generation Model [INFOGRAPHIC]
Every new technology model is expected to be a replacement for older models, however, the Apple Pencil to USB-C model does not seem to be a replacement for the Apple Pencil second-generation model. This model, being the third was speculated to replace the first model only, failing to supersede the

New Magic Keyboard

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom

Finally, Apple released a new magic keyboard with features such as a Function row (for access to controls like screen brightness), an aluminum palm rest, and a larger trackpad with haptic feedback that makes it feel similar to a MacBook.

However, the tech giant's new magic keyboard still has some way to go before it can compete favorably with other options from companies like Logitech, Zagg, and Brydge that offer more functionality and affordability.

Henry Chikwem profile image
by Henry Chikwem

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