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The Technological Advancements Bringing Live Blackjack to the Digital World

Learn how blackjack has been enhanced by technology.

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by Content Partner
The Technological Advancements Bringing Live Blackjack to the Digital World
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Technology has always had the ability to improve many aspects of life, whether it be the things that we do every day, the processes that certain things require undergoing to work, and even some classic activities that provide us with forms of entertainment. 

Gaming is one thing that has significantly improved because of the tech that is available. Video games have become more immersive through the usage of graphics, while they have become more complex through the use of combinations and not simply button sequences. 

Video games are not the only type of game to have been improved, though, as casino games like blackjack have been modernized through technology and have enjoyed their own revolutionary transformations. 

How has blackjack been enhanced by technology? 

Blackjack used to be a game in which players would have to go to a casino to play, standing across from a dealer and using real cards. Nowadays, this is a thing of the past - although it is still possible to play in this way. 

Today, gamers can enjoy the activity in the form of a live casino experience. They can load up their favorite sites, click on a game variant and play from wherever they want, feeling as if they are standing opposite the dealer as they would be in a traditional casino environment. 

This is because modern technology has allowed software developers and providers to implement various techniques and equipment into their games to further boost the overall gameplay experiences that are enjoyed. 

What technology is being used in live blackjack? 

If you have ever played a live blackjack UK game, you’ll have noticed that there are some technologies that are more evident than others. For instance, one of the most notable is the usage of live streaming processes. 

Games that are made available as live dealer options use streaming technologies to take the game from the studios in which the human dealer is based and transmit them into the locations where those who wish to play are based. The technology allows them to see everything that the dealer does as if they are the main player at the table, giving them an ultra-realistic experience akin to the type that would be obtained if they ventured to a physical venue. 

The use of a live stream offers various benefits: 

  • Creates a sense of trust as the dealer can be seen 
  • Provides a level of immersion that is realistic to a real casino game 
  • Creates an authentic gameplay experience and one that can’t be rigged 

In addition to using live streaming technologies, modern equipment is often used to bring the action to life even further. Players can interact with the dealer as they can see them through the use of a monitor by using a chat box to send questions or communicate with the individual (and others around the table). The dealer can then respond by using the microphone that is available, creating an immersive experience. Sounds can also be picked up, which may involve traditional casino music or even the sound of cards being dealt and chips being placed on the table. 

Multiple high-spec cameras are used to give players a real look at the table as if they were there, with various angles possible to explore. While it won’t be possible to see other players, you can peer around the room and see what else is going on, or simply take a look at the table from another angle. 

OCR Software is vital in live blackjack 

Live dealer games like blackjack also require OCR software in order to run as smoothly as possible. OCR - Optical Character Recognition - software is the technology that brings the game together for players at home or on a mobile device, as it reads all of the data that is shown and displays it on the screen. For instance, it can read the cards that are dealt and provide instantaneous feedback based on what is being shown, such as their value and the type of bets available to make. 

Unsurprisingly, AI is also used to help elevate live blackjack and bring it to the digital world. Players can benefit from the availability of AI as it can provide them with the ability to make certain choices based on their playing style or history, or guide them regarding the decisions they should make. 

Without this type of technology, the live dealer experience could become a little less seamless, as the game’s interface would be all over the place. It would also potentially make the game inaccessible for many, as OCR software can sometimes be used alongside AI to help players make informed decisions. 

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by Content Partner

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