YouTube experience is about to be immersive for gaming enthusiasts, as reports suggest that soon you might not only be able to stream games but actually play them on the platform itself. Yes, you heard it right— play an actual game!

According to Wall Street Journal, the company is internally testing a new product called 'Playables' as YouTube seeks to diversify its offerings and generate additional income amid the challenges posed by the advertising slowdown.

The report says Google invited its employees to begin testing the new YouTube product called 'Playables' with titles such as the arcade-styled game Stack Bounce, available for testing. The best part? These games can be played either on YouTube's web platform or on Android and iOS smartphones.

Interestingly, this development comes about six months after Google's official shutdown of its cloud gaming service, Stadia. Despite that, it seems Google is now considering a similar gaming venture through YouTube with the introduction of 'Playables.'

The move isn't dissimilar to Netflix's own gaming initiative, which offers casual games to its paying subscribers on mobile devices. Notably, Netflix is also expanding its gaming ambitions by reportedly testing TV games that utilize smartphones as controllers, indicating a broader scope for its gaming efforts.

As the WSJ noted, YouTube already earns money from gaming live streams, but with the exploration of online games as a potential revenue stream, the company is aiming to tap into the growing gaming market and capitalize on the popularity of gaming content on its platform.