Bayobab, previously MTN GlobalConnect, has partnered with Africa50 to launch Project East2West, a terrestrial fibre optic cable network spanning across Africa. With a significant investment of $320 million, the project aims to connect ten countries and link the eastern and western shores of the continent.

The project which is scheduled for completion by 2025, aligns with MTN's Ambition 2025 plans. Bloomberg reports that Bayobab plans to roll out 135,000 kilometres of fibre optic cables by 2025, contributing to Africa's goal of reaching at least 500,000 kilometres of fibre optic infrastructure

Image: MTN

In a blog post, Bayobab says the project seeks to address Africa's connectivity gap by enhancing broadband access for landlocked countries and improving data traffic throughout the region.

It is expected to reduce latency by up to 65% along the east-to-west route, facilitating high-quality broadband access and promoting regional economic development.

Project East2West will also benefit internet service providers, mobile network operators, and hyper scalers operating in these countries, offering substantial improvements in data traffic and bridging the gaps in global internet traffic landing in and out of Africa.