If you are an avid user of the Tiktok app, it is about to get even more immersive with the new AI update that is rumoured to come to the app very soon.

In the latest leap onto the generative AI bandwagon by a social media company, Chinese social media platform TikTok, has confirmed it has begun testing a new AI chatbot called 'Tako.'

Although still very much tight-lipped about the development, the company explained in a tweet that it is in the early stages of exploring the chatbot 'Tako' that can converse with users about short videos and aid in content search and discovery. It also noted that it had handpicked the Philippines as the playground for Tako's debut.

TikTok acknowledged that the chatbot system is "powered by a third-party chat assistant," but did not disclose the specific provider. Additionally, the company clarified that there are no immediate plans for this feature beyond the ongoing early testing phase.

While TikTok didn't reveal the reasoning behind choosing the Philippines or any more details about the development of the AI chatbot, insider sources shared some of the chatbot's capabilities in a Bloomberg report. The report noted that the chatbot appears as a ghost-like icon next to the profile icon in the corner of the screen. When selected, a chatbot is activated which can provide recommendations based on user interests and preferences.