Here are the five most important stories we are tracking today – Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

ChatGPT boasts 60% of traffic within the top 50 AI platforms

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to take shape, ChatGPT stands as a colossal force in this dynamic, becoming the go-to AI tool for millions worldwide and capturing a remarkable 60% share of all traffic within the space.

The latest insights unveiled in's exhaustive study, "50 Most Visited AI Tools of 2023," paint a vivid picture of ChatGPT's monumental influence, boasting an unparalleled user engagement of 14 billion visits within the top 50 AI platforms.

Averaging 1.5 billion visits every month, the AI giant reached the 14.6 billion visits mark between September 2022 and August 2023, unsurprisingly putting it ahead of competing offerings like Character AI, Google Bard, and Perplexity AI, which collectively hold 18.69% of the monthly visits. Notably, its user engagement stands at an impressive average usage duration of 30 minutes.

This numerical feat not only underscores ChatGPT's prowess on the global stage but also positions it as a true frontrunner in shaping the landscape of digital interactions unfazed by geographical boundaries, extending from the tech hubs of the United States to the bustling markets of India and the growing mobile population of Africa.

China's Auto Giants join international race to integrate solid-state batteries into EVs

There is an ongoing international race for solid-state battery integration into EVs as the world undergoes a shift in automotive energy production.

Positioning themselves in the global competition are two major players in China's automotive industry, GAC Group and Changan Automobile, which recently announced an ambitious plan to manufacture solid-state batteries.

Considered the next-gen revolutionary energy storage solution, the batteries promise superior performance and safety compared to conventional lithium-ion counterparts.

Notably, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Honda are some of the big names in the auto industry actively driving solid-state battery research, and intensifying the global pursuit of this transformative technology.

WhatsApp introduces AI chatbot in its latest Beta

WhatsApp has finally joined the tech giants to embrace the power of AI to enhance user experience in its Application. During Meta Connect 2023, the company announced that WhatsApp would be getting its dedicated AI chatbot. While currently accessible to a limited group of beta testers, a newly discovered shortcut suggests an imminent wider release.

The latest beta update for WhatsApp (version includes a new shortcut for the AI assistant. If you’re one of the lucky Android users with access to this feature, you’ll notice a circular icon reminiscent of Microsoft’s old Cortana icon. Tapping this button quickly opens the AI-powered chats, making it easier and more convenient to seek assistance.

Though the specific schedule for a wider release remains unclear, the emergence of this shortcut implies that the widespread availability of WhatsApp's AI chatbot is approaching.

Adobe's proposed $20 billion acquisition of Figma faces jeopardy following a warning from the EU

Adobe Inc.'s bold move to acquire Figma Inc., a cloud-based design software company, for $20 billion faces jeopardy following the European Union (EU) merger watchdogs' concerns. The European Commission stated objections, citing potential anti-competitive impacts on the market for interactive product design tools.

The EU's competition division aired concerns that the acquisition might notably diminish competition in both the worldwide markets for interactive product design tools and the provision of vector and raster editing tools. The EU's investigation involves assessing how Adobe could potentially use its market dominance to impact Figma's pricing strategies and the utilization of developer tools within Figma's design software.

While the deadline for the EU to make a final decision on this proposed merger is set for February 5, Adobe remains confident in the merits of its case, emphasizing that Figma’s product design is closely related to Adobe’s core creative products, and Adobe has no substantial plans to compete directly in the product design space. Meanwhile, Figma is optimistic about resolving regulators’ concerns and focusing on the potential benefits this deal could offer to consumers and Europe's innovation economy.

MediaTek’s midrange chips are getting good

MediaTek is making waves with the continuous refinement of its midrange chips, recently challenging Qualcomm's mid-tier dominance with the introduction of its Dimensity 8300.

Boasting an array of upgrades, the Dimensity 8300 emerges as a formidable contender, challenging its Snapdragon counterparts with notable enhancements in processing power, graphics capabilities, and most notably in its AI prowess.

With an improved cluster of Cortex A715 and A510 cores, the chip introduces a 20% boost in processing capabilities and an impressive 30% improvement in energy efficiency. Also, its new graphic upgrade Mali-G615 GPU offers a 60% increase in raw graphics performance and 50% more power efficiency than its Snapdragon counterpart.

Driven by the new APU 780 AI processor, the new chip boasts the capability to run generation AI models with up to 10 billion parameters putting it in direct competition with Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

This including other upgrades in the graphics, connectivity and memory & storage departments sets the stage for an intriguing competition in the smartphone processor landscape.

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