Twitter has launched a new feature that will allow users to send encrypted direct messages, ensuring their private conversations remain secure and protected.

But, you would need to be a Twitter Blue subscriber or verified on Twitter to use the feature.

CEO Elon Musk in a tweet on Wednesday also hinted at the possibility of encrypted voice and video calls in the future, allowing users to communicate with others around the globe without the need for exchanging phone numbers.

Alongside the new encrypted messaging and calling features, the platform will also introduce an Emoji Picker to direct messages, adding a touch of fun and expressiveness to conversations, similar to other messaging apps.

This latest development comes as no surprise, as Musk had previously hinted at his plans for "Twitter 2.0 The Everything App" last year. Among the promised features were encrypted direct messages, long-form tweets, and even a payment system.

Elon Musk is morphing Twitter into an “everything app”
Elon Musk has teased a glimpse of his vision to transform Twitter – the buzzing social network he bought for $44 billion – into an “everything app”, with multiple services including messaging, video, and payments. In a recent presentation, Musk shared some of his plans for the microblogging platfor…

By offering encrypted direct messages and potentially encrypted calls, Twitter aims to regain its competitive edge in an industry dominated by Meta's social media applications, the likes of Facebook and Instagram, both of which already provide similar secure communication options.