Warner Bros and Discovery have joined forces to launch their brand-new service called Max in a blockbuster merger that combines the best of HBO Max's scripted shows and movies, Discovery+'s unscripted reality TV, and Warner Brothers' beloved children's content.

Officially launched on May 23, Max will offer tiered subscription options allowing you to choose between a $10 monthly subscription with ads or go all out with the ad-free version for $16 per month, similar to the current pricing options of HBO Max.

If you're already an HBO Max subscriber, consider yourself part of the Max family. You'll seamlessly transition to this exciting new service, with your passwords, billing, and watch history intact. However, for Discovery+ fans who want to dive into HBO's gripping scripted series like Succession and The Last of Us, you'll need to level up your subscription game.

In all, the merger service promises to bring together the best of HBO Max, Discovery+, and Warner Bros to you, streamlining the user experience by bringing content for all demographics under one virtual roof.

Max will now go against other streaming giants like Disney, NBCUniversal, and Paramount Global, as it looks to take centre stage in the market. Already with over 96.1 million global subscribers, the streaming service is aiming for a whopping 130 million subscribers across HBO Max and Discovery+ by 2025.