WellaHealth, a leading Nigerian healthtech startup, has announced the launch of Healthsend Africa in Kenya, after successfully launching in Nigeria earlier this year.

The platform, which is a mobile health platform that connects patients with doctors for consultations, prescriptions, and lab test results, provides access to other health services, such as health insurance and financing.

The startup has raised over $1 million since it was founded in 2017, and is making waves with its reliable healthcare coverage, reaching all 36 states of Nigeria through its network of over 1,000 pharmacies.

The decision to expand into Kenya was driven by several factors, including the large and growing diasporan community, as well as the shared healthcare challenges with the Nigerian market. In addition, Kenya has a strong local health and technology ecosystem, making it an ideal location for expansion.

The country also has a young and vibrant population, with a high demand for digital healthcare solutions. Healthsend is confident that its expansion into Kenya will be successful and will contribute to the improvement of the country's healthcare sector.

While Healthsend is entering the Kenyan market with a unique offering, it will face competition from established players, including hospitals and clinics that already offer similar services. However, Healthsend believes it can differentiate itself through its focus on quality, affordability, and convenience. 

The company's mobile-first approach will allow it to reach a wide range of customers, including those in rural and underserved areas. Additionally, its partnerships with leading health and tech organizations will further strengthen its position in the market.

WellaHealth is committed to expanding access to quality healthcare in Africa, and this latest expansion is an important step in realizing that goal.