Amid a growing demand for efficiency and convenience for financial transactions in Latin America, global payment services leader Worldline has entered into a strategic partnership with Yuno, a Colombian startup specializing in online payments to enhance the transactional experience for customers across Latin America.

Yuno, which operates in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and the U.S., offers a platform that empowers digital businesses to manage multiple payment methods through a single interface. It also allows merchants to customize their payment processes, track acceptance rates, generate detailed reports, and employ advanced tools for fraud detection and intelligent transaction routing.

This collaboration means that Worldline is pre-integrated into Yuno's payment supplier portfolio, simplifying merchants' access to Worldlineā€™s acquiring and local payment acceptance channels. This integration ensures that LATAM merchants can efficiently select Worldline's services, benefiting from an optimized payment acceptance solution.

The alliance marks a significant milestone in the evolution of online payments in Latin America. It is expected to reshape how organizations manage transactions, strengthening fraud detection and providing a safer and more user-friendly online shopping experience.

In a related development, Yuno also partnered with Bamboo Payment, a leading transaction manager from Uruguay to streamline international transactions for Latin American organizations offering them the solutions and support they need to venture into the global market.

Progress in Latin America's fintech sector continues to grow rapidly, with collaborations like this one driving advancements in digital payment experiences across the continent.

According to a study by Finnovista and the Inter-American Development Bank in 2021, Latin America and the Caribbean are home to 2,482 fintech companies, representing 23% of all fintechs globally. Colombia ranks third in the region in terms of fintech presence.