If you enjoy watching YouTube on your TV, be prepared for a more exasperating experience, especially if you're not a subscriber who can bypass ads.

In a recent announcement by YouTube at its Brandcast event, the company revealed that extended 30-second unskippable ads will soon be introduced to high-performing content viewed on connected TVs. Now, instead of two consecutive 15-second ads, YouTube will now show you a single 30-second ad, although this doesn't mean shorter ads will disappear entirely.

With 70% of YouTube Select impressions coming from TVs, YouTube considers it an ideal platform for accommodating longer ads.

"Viewers are increasingly tuning into YouTube on the largest screen in their homes," says YouTube CEO Neal Mohan during the Brandcast event, as reported by Variety.

Additionally, YouTube will introduce "Pause ads" for Smart TVs, which will appear when you pause a video during playback. The video will shrink, making room for an adjacent ad.

No specific timeline has been provided for the rollout of these changes, including the implementation of 30-second unskippable ads and pause ads. In the meantime, brace up for extended, unavoidable ads during your YouTube TV sessions if you are not a premium subscriber.

Don't say we didn't warn you.