In an era where remote work and virtual meetings have become the norm, video conferencing platforms are prioritizing the optimization of video call experience to meet the diverse needs of users and organizations.

Averaging about 300 million daily active users in meetings, Zoom is now setting out to improve its online meeting experience as it introduces a new feature called "Zoom Notes."

The purpose of Zoom Notes is to make online meetings more efficient by providing all the resources typically needed for in-person discussions within one interface. By simplifying note-taking, collaboration, and information sharing, Zoom is planning to boost productivity for both businesses and organizations of all sizes.

It can be especially stressful when you have to swipe between two opened tabs to take notes for a work meeting.

But with Zoom Notes, you will be able to take notes before video calls as a meeting agenda or directly during calls eliminating the need to switch between different apps and screens. This note can be shared access, either during the meeting or afterwards, providing flexibility in how information is shared.

Zoom Notes also offers a collaborative space where colleagues can share their thoughts and comments during the meeting. This collaboration can continue even after the meeting ends.

The feature is expected to roll out gradually in the coming weeks, and it will be available to all users at no additional cost according to the company.

Zoom's efforts to stay competitive by adding features like Zoom Notes align with the broader trend of video conferencing platforms continuously improving and expanding their offerings. Notably, some of its competitors, including Microsoft Teams, have already incorporated similar features to enhance the online meeting experience.