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16 Freelance Jobs You Can Do As A Digital Nomad

Growing up, I only attached the concept of being a “nomad” to agriculture. That is, shepherds who have no visible residence and who occasionally moved their herds and flocks to get food at every season. The first time I got introduced to the concept of a “digital nomad”, I had

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by Emmanuel Umahi
16 Freelance Jobs You Can Do As A Digital Nomad
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Growing up, I only attached the concept of being a “nomad” to agriculture. That is, shepherds who have no visible residence and who occasionally moved their herds and flocks to get food at every season.

The first time I got introduced to the concept of a “digital nomad”, I had crossed over the teenage phase and then I realized most people working in the tech ecosystem are nomads.

Digital nomads are people who make a living online while travelling. This is a result of their location independence which allows them to work from any location; and as a result of their work nature, they rely heavily on strong WiFi and good digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc to make money.

One of the coolest perks about working at Techloy is the opportunity to work remotely, more like a digital nomad. We are people who work remotely, with one goal in mind – to provide business information, financial data and analysis of the technology industry across emerging markets globally. So technically, we have a team scattered abroad who are digital nomads, connected to a virtual workspace, the internet and a purpose.

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In most cases, digital nomads do a lot of freelancing, working for multiple clients as a means of making money. Just a few digital nomads do regular jobs with employers.

So if you’re a digital nomad or an intending one, we curated a list of jobs that you can do to make money below.

1. Web Development

Web development is one job you can do as a digital nomad. This requires you to write codes and handle the most technical aspects of a website.

You can help individuals or companies [startups] create the best of websites, leveraging on your vast ideas of either being a frontend, backend or full-stack developer. This way, you can either write codes visitors see directly on a website, write code for servers, databases and apps or run the backend and frontend development.

Companies require web developers and you can check a few of them here.

You can carve out a niche for yourself in terms of industry or business type if there’s a specific type of website you prefer to build. However, this may depend on which programming languages you know and which website builder you use.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best digital nomadic jobs to engage in, especially with the ever-expanding tech ecosystem on a global scale. This is because it is lucrative and launches a creative career path for people who love to do it.

One can be a digital marketing expert and strategist once he properly understands social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), advertising and a few other skills.

Many companies require digital marketers, you can see them here.

3. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the lucrative forms of nomadic work that can be done. This, unlike copywriting, involves the creation of textual content not purely for advertising purposes. The content created may include blog posts, ebooks and case studies that align with the client’s marketing strategy.

The goal for content writing is heavy on building brand authority and attracting an audience through high-quality content.

You can check out companies hiring content writers here.

4. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the jobs digital nomads can engage in. As a result of the many forms of graphic design, it is important to know your design speciality and the specific industry that you’d want to work for and with. For example, you can decide to be a brand designer, logo maker, animator, web designer, illustrator, etc.

Digital nomads, with more experience, can venture into UI/UX designs. You can see remote jobs for graphic designers here.

5. Podcasting

Podcasting is one of the raves on the internet. You can host a podcast anywhere in the world. What is required is the right recording and knowledge of editing. You can also have sponsors, affiliate firms, and merch as means to make money as a podcaster.

For podcasters who have good knowledge of audio and video editing, you can sign up on platforms like Fiverr and take up podcasting editing jobs.

Podcasting can be a great way to get your ideas out into the world. To get started, you need to find a subject matter and format that works well and that people will tune in for. You’ll also need to be sure to commit to a schedule so your listeners know when to expect the next episode.

Properly have a schedule and planned outline for your podcast. Also, you can have guests as a means of spicing up your podcast. Digital streaming tools make this easier than ever. For instance, Wix’s SERP's Up SEO Podcast features weekly guest features to add richness and variety from global experts.

6. Social media influencing

Social media influencing involves the use of a social media platform(s) to create a brand and grow a large and loyal following towards a particular product or service. To properly achieve this, the employment of influencers is used. These influencers can create and publish valuable content to their channels regularly. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (especially) are ways to promote this content.

Digital nomads can become social media influencers by posting high-quality images, using engaging captions and sticking to a posting schedule. They can be travel or food influencers, product reviewers or brand ambassadors to achieve this.

This can be a lifetime job with endless possibilities.

7. Voiceover Artistry

For nomads who have a voice with proper knowledge of elocution, they can be voiceover artists. This way, they can create radio or tv commercials for individuals and brands and get paid for it. What it requires is a quiet space for recording and recording equipment to operate properly. Platforms like Fiverr are currently having openings for voiceover talents.

8. Virtual Assistance

There are a lot of people in great need of virtual assistance as a result of their work nature. Multitasking can be a hassle for them and so, they require the offer of a virtual assistant.

Working as a virtual assistant can be of great reward. This way, you’ll be able to help clients with meaningful tasks like managing social media, data entry, handling travel logistics or tackling customer or client support.

This is also a great opportunity to learn new skills that may open up new pathways to profitability for you. You can find openings for virtual assistants here.

9. Project Management

While you might find it difficult to find freelance project manager jobs, these jobs can be done remotely. Many agencies are now open to hiring project managers from afar, as digital collaboration and communication software has greatly improved.

With this in mind, you can expect to work somewhat regular business hours in the same time zones as your employer and their clients. If that works for you, you’ll have guaranteed work stability and pay while you’re living abroad or travelling.

The following openings provide the opportunity for you to work remotely as a project manager.

10. Course Creation

Life allows everybody to work either as specialists or generalists in their chosen fields. As a result, people become experts in something. This can offer nomads the value of becoming course creators; enabling them to earn the skill of making a living by teaching.

To do this, you’ll not only need expert knowledge in a specific area, but you’ll also need to have a quality teaching setup. It should include:

  • A clean, well-organized space
  • A high-quality video recorder
  • Good lighting
  • A noise-cancelling microphone
  • Video editing software

Your content should be valuable and easy to follow. Additionally, the quality of your setup will impact how many people continue with your course. There are opportunities to become a course creator here.

11. Online Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring can be an incredibly lucrative career with the right marketing tactics. The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what subjects you can teach. You could tutor school-aged kids in subjects like Math, English, or SAT prep. Or you could tutor students in subjects such as business management, fitness and sports or musical instruments. Another option is to teach English online to non-native speakers through platforms like Skooli.

Just keep in mind that some tutoring platforms require you to get certified in any subjects you want to teach. So, be realistic and pick a topic that you have expert-level knowledge and experience in.

You can be an online tutor here.

12. Coaching or Consultation

With coaching or consultations, you are creating a name for yourself as a one-on-one guru in whatever your area of expertise is. This way, you provide pro tips, guidance and support, helping you scale your efforts by offering your services to a group of people.

There is a need for coaching and consultations especially within the wellness and tech ecosystem as there are constant product thinkers and builders daily.

For instance, a lifestyle coach might start selling bi-monthly wellness retreats. Or a business coach might sell a do-it-yourself course on how to generate recurring revenue.

You can be a coach or consultant here.

13. Translations or Transcriptions

There is a need for translations or transcriptions following the streaming load of content in the form of videos and podcasts published on the web daily. Also, translations or transcriptions are needed for busy CEOs who need meetings, calls and other conversations documented.

Nomads can be translators or transcriptionists for podcast hosts, CEOs or creative people in need of it. They can help create these transcriptions for other uses such as blogging, content captions, etc.

Nomads can be translators or transcriptionists here.

14. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest ways for nomads to work and earn money effectively. This system can create a means of income through steady traffic which involves constant scheduling, engaging content and specificity towards the target audience.

You can blog on product reviews, a variety of tips and a host of other topics. Another option is to work as a translator if you know more than one language. You could work as a contractor for a translation company and take on work as they need it or translate books and e-books for publishing companies.

You can secure a blogging position here.

15. App Development

Every day, there is a need for app developers and developments. There is always someone trying to replicate a childhood video game or a money management software or solution software and this is where app development comes in.

Nomads who are app developers can bring these ideas to life. This would turn to monetization and revenue for nomads and app owners.

You can use your skills as a remote app developer here.

16. Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the good jobs that nomads can do. Quite several individuals and companies hire social media managers for a social presence on the web. This way, there is a sense of interactivity between them and their audience, which nomads can help with, forming a bridge for all these.

Nomads can be social media managers here for companies.


Nomads are exposed to a lot of job openings and one unique thing about this is that it gives them time for you to do what you love and do it well. It is important to bear in mind that in a competitive market for nomads, your work ethic distinguishes you from a crowded place.

Emmanuel Umahi profile image
by Emmanuel Umahi

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