Apple, one of the world's leading tech companies, has been steadily expanding its retail presence globally, with a particular focus on emerging markets. This was underscored by the recent opening of two physical stores in India. Prior to this, Apple expanded into South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Austria.

While Apple's expansion into emerging markets has been slow, the company continues to explore new opportunities to reach more customers worldwide. The big tech has retail operations across 23 countries, generating tens of billions in retail sales every year. Some of its biggest include the U.S. with over 271 stores, China (including Hong Kong and Macau) with 53 stores, and Britain with 39.

Interestingly, one region where Apple is notably absent is Africa despite having a growing population and a potential market for Apple products. Customers in Africa can only purchase Apple products from third-party retailers or authorized resellers, limiting their access to the full range of services and experiences that Apple stores provide.

The Techloy chart below shows the number of the tech company's retail stores in 12 countries across emerging markets, as of April 2023.