The crypto market has been slow, even for casual observers. Bitcoin has had some good moments in the past few months, but it is nothing compared to the insane numbers seen in 2021 and early 2022.

Some articles have even suggested that Africans, and especially Nigerians, have lost interest in cryptocurrency. But, research by CoinGecko suggests that this is not the case. In fact, Nigeria has been ranked fifth in a list of ten countries with the most interest in meme coins.

CoinGecko analyzed the number of page views of the top 15 meme coins by market capitalization year-to-date on May 3, 2023, to determine which countries are most interested in them.

Nigeria is one of two African countries on the list, with 4.92% of total interest in meme coins. Morocco was the second African country on the list, ranking tenth with 1.2% of the total interest in meme coins.

Meme coins are simply crypto tokens inspired by social media memes or depicted in comical or animated memes. Floki and ArbDoge AI were the most popular meme coins in the country, according to the research.

This Techloy Chart shows how the remaining countries rank on the list.