Muslim dating app Muzz is reportedly facing legal action from Match Group, the parent company of Tinder and Hinge. The lawsuit follows Muzz's rejection of a $35 million acquisition offer from Match Group.

Muzz CEO Shahzad Younas took to social media to discuss the issue, alleging that Match Group has attempted to buy the company three times and is now seeking to shut it down.

Younas, who said he refused to sell the app because of its importance to the Muslim community, also claimed that Match Group had previously sued Muzz over its use of the word "match" and a patented swiping gesture. Muzz settled the case by agreeing to abandon the latter feature.

Younas said that Muzz spent millions of dollars in legal fees, a significant sum for a company of its size.

He added that Match Group had pursued the lawsuit in a bid to eliminate a major rival in the Muslim dating app sector. Muzz has also called on the UK Federal Trade Commission to investigate Match Group's anti-competitive behaviour.

Muzz describes itself as the leading Muslim dating and marriage app with over 8 million single Muslims looking for love.