We know Apple for its sleek premium devices, but did you know it's also a master of adaptability? Yeah...only when it is strongarmed.

After years of holding out against pressure from Google and the Android community, the tech giant has finally revealed plans to introduce support for RCS messaging on iPhones – which basically means that texting will now be seamless between iPhones and Android phones.

It is quite the turnaround, especially for a company whose previous stance for the feature was: never. All thanks to a not-so-little nudge by the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) for Apple's iMessage interoperability with other platforms.

Although this development is only a chip off the wall of Apple's walled-off ecosystem, it marks a significant step toward interoperability between Android and iOS users, enabling the exchange of higher-resolution photos and videos, emojis, and stickers amongst other things.

But as the RCS revolution unfolds, we are still left with many burning questions: Will the infamous green text bubbles turn blue? How will it affect iMessage's exclusivity and popularity?

Only time will tell.

– Emmanuel

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