You might soon see smartphones tapping into satellite internet services directly.

Already, big tech companies like Apple Inc. have already begun building capable hardware into their devices that make it easy to use your phone to communicate with satellite services without the internet.

Now, your existing LTE phone will soon be able to tap into Starlink's satellite service with no additional hardware, similar to how your 4G and 5G devices access broadband networks.

Okay wait, before you get too excited, we don't have any specific details on when this would launch (if at all), its cost, and the level of connectivity, but imagining that you can have access to direct satellite internet service on your smartphone no matter where you are – whether in the desert, forest or the North Pole – is mind-boggling.

But while this technology is years away from being ubiquitous and pocket-friendly, it does leave avid and active internet users like me who have suffered low connectivity, especially during holiday trips et al somewhat optimistic.

In our top story for this week's edition of Techloy Weekly, we are spotlighting Starlink's groundbreaking venture into mobile phone connectivity and its potential to reshape the digital landscape.

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– Emmanuel

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