So you're browsing through your gallery after a delightful dinner party with your colleagues, trying to pick the perfect shot to share with them on the most popular messaging app in the world, but there is a compression system waiting to turn your beautifully captured moments into pixelated disasters.

Yes, it's a pain that most WhatsApp users have experienced.

For far too long, WhatsApp has held out against several requests from us(ers) to be able to share High-Definition (HD) images with the same clarity and vibrancy as the original images, and it has been nothing short of frustrating.

But guess what? It is eventually happening: WhatsApp is about to grant y(our) visual wishes.

In Techloy's lead story this week, I covered the imminent rollout of WhatsApp's new update that will let you share crispy HD photos and how to go about sending your cherished moments when the feature eventually drops.

Brighter days!

– Emmanuel

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