The French automaker, Renault has announced it is partnering with Google to commit to making what it calls a "software define vehicle" using technology from Google's cloud division.

Renault, first partnered with Google in 2018 to integrate the tech giant’s Android operating system into in-car media displays and is now expanding its partnership in software services, adding that Google will become the preferred cloud supplier to the French automaker.

In a report by the company, the collaboration has a two-fold goal, to develop in-vehicle and cloud software applications to drive its "Software Defined Vehicle" Platform and develop a Digital Twin – replicating physical objects in a virtual setting so that they can be tested and monitored before real-world deployment.

Renault will use data analytics to monitor, detect and resolve any failures in how the vehicle functions, and personalize users' onboard experience to adapt to driving behaviours, and often-used destinations such as EV Charging Stations, etc.

"The partnership with Google will also help Renault accelerate its "end-to-end digital transformation, from the design of the car to its market launch through its production," Renault Chief Executive Luca de Meo said in a statement.

“Equipped with a shared IT platform, continuous over-the-air updates, and streamlined access to car data, the software-defined vehicle "SDV" approach developed in partnership with Google will transform our vehicles to help serve future customers’ needs.” he had continued.