Safaricom, the leading East African telco, has obtained a payment instrument issuer license – at a fee of $150 million – from the National Bank of Ethiopia, enabling it to expand its mobile money service, M-Pesa, into the country.

The license puts Safaricom in direct competition with Telebirr, the state-owned mobile money provider in Ethiopia.

M-Pesa has a proven track record of promoting financial inclusion in Africa, serving over 51 million customers across seven countries. Safaricom Ethiopia CEO Anwar Soussa expressed confidence in the potential of M-Pesa in Ethiopia, citing the country's population of 120 million as an unparalleled opportunity.

Last year, the Ethiopian government amended its national payment systems proclamation to allow foreign-owned telecom operators to offer mobile financial services in the country.

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Since its launch in Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa, in October 2022, Safaricom has garnered over three million subscribers and expanded its network to 25 cities, covering 10% of the population. The company plans to invest $300 million annually in Ethiopia over the next decade, building on its existing $1.2 billion investment.

Safaricom Ethiopia is backed by an international consortium consisting of Vodafone Group, Safaricom PLC, Vodacom Group, Sumitomo Corporation, and British International Investment.

Despite facing challenges and a reported 20% drop in core earnings due to the costs of entering the Ethiopian market, Safaricom remains optimistic about replicating the success of M-Pesa in Kenya in its expansion into Ethiopia.