Tencent's cloud computing arm, Tencent Cloud, has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ankr, a web3 infrastructure provider, to jointly develop a suite of blockchain API services.

This new suite of blockchain API services will be deployed on top of Tencent Cloud's infrastructure and will cater to a wide range of projects such as Web3 games and Web3 social applications with reliable and efficient connections to most of the popular blockchains.

This news follows Tencent Cloud's unveiling of its plan to promote the sustainable growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem and to empower startups and Web3 builders in areas such as security, storage, identity management, development tools, and data analysis to integrate new developments more seamlessly.

The collaboration between Ankr and Tencent Cloud will create a readily available blockchain connection for several of companies and Web3 organizations. By leveraging Ankr’s extensive blockchain infrastructure solutions alongside Tencent Cloud’s expertise, users will have access to dedicated nodes, allowing them to deploy smart contracts and read or write blockchain data with the highest performance, reliability, and security levels.

Additionally, Tencent Cloud is also partnering with a few other popular web3 infrastructure builders, including Avalanche, a blockchain that focuses on speed and low transaction fees; Scroll, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum; and Sui, a relatively young Layer 1 blockchain created by ex-Meta employees.